I started working with hair pieces at a very young age for my mother.  Once I became a stylist, I began working with men's toupees.  Over the past 30 years, with my experience in the hair industry, I have found a need to offer this unique service which I call "Angel of Hair". 

With your visit, I will take your measurements, to help choose and order the right style & color of wig for you.  I order wigs from the Cancer Society book (TLC), which offers a great quality at a very affordable price.


Once your wig has arrived, I will then fit, cut, & help with any styling needed to help you look your best.  I will teach you how to properly take care of your new look!

I will also help with the transition from your current hair, to your prostheses and back to your own hair.  I offer my services to you at a professional fee of $60.00, plus the cost of your wig(s).

Peggy Mendenhall